Lee Taylor Biography


My name is Lee Taylor.  As an infant, I was quite noisy in my crib.  My parents gave me a pitch pipe to keep me quiet; it didn't work.  In 1972, I joined the Pocatello, Idaho chapter of SPEBSQSA.  Six years later I attended the Beehive Statesmen summer camp out at Bear Lake.  I didn't go home.  I moved to Salt Lake that week and have lived here ever since, singing with the Beehive Statesmen.  


During my 52 years as a member of Barbershop Harmony Society, I have sung in numerous quartets and 3 choruses.  I spent about 25 years serving on the Rocky Mountain District leadership team in many positions, including District President.

I was honored to receive the District Barbershopper of the Year award for 2007.  I'm a former Salt Lake chapter Barbershopper of the Year as well and have served in a number of chapter leadership roles, and I look forward to returning to the status of "riser rat" in a year or so.  


I currently sing baritone with the 4th Street quartet and the VLQ Here 4 You.