Paul Barlow Director Bio


Music has always been a big part of the life of our director Paul Barlow.  He comes from a long line of music lovers and performers.  His parents and grandparents have all had the music bug bite them.  When his family would travel in the car on family trips, his mother would have Paul and his brother and sister sing songs while she and their dad would sing the harmonies.  As they grew older, they began to switch off who got to sing the harmonies or the melodies.  In Church, he would sit next to his mother as she sang the tenor line up on octave in her beautiful soprano voice.   

He has performed on the piano, plays the organ for his church. He played the Sousaphone in high school and in the BYU band.  He was introduced to barbershop by a neighbor who sang in his church choir.  Paul’s wife thought the idea of him having a hobby like this was a good idea and encouraged him to keep active.  He started singing with the Beehive Statesmen in the spring of 1992 and joined just before the district fall contest.   

Because of his love of music, he has sung in many other choirs with many different styles of choral music with many different directors.  They all had different techniques and strengths and qualities that helped him develop his directing skills.  He has sung enough to know what the chorus members are looking for to help guide them in their musical journey.   

Paul loves singing with his two quartets; 4th Street and Calliope. He currently sings tenor in these quartets but has sung lead and baritone at other times. If given the chance and there are no other basses he is not opposed to singing that too.  He loves sing with this group of men in the Beehive Statesmen chorus and looks forward to life long friendships